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Facebook now blocking card link to ads manager

facebook is now blocking cards the is linked to their some facebook ads manager owned by some persons and not refunding the remaining amount of money before you where blocked. speaking to one of it's victim  he told us that he have been advertising on facebook, that sometime his post will no be approved and some approved, until one day his card was block for the first time and he appealed,they said
Thanks for contacting Facebook. We've reactivated your advertising account and you should now be able to create new ads and manage your existing ones. If you have a campaign that's currently stopped, the ads within the campaign can't be restarted until the campaign is active again.
and now for the second time they disabled it after a long days of advertisements when I was mostly approved, they disabled my card and I try to appeal, they relied me this
I tried to appeal again and they said
After careful review, I’ve determined that we’re unable to take further action regarding this matter and your account will remain disabled.
Accord to the victim he said that he had up to $20 before it was disabled.

But sometime is confusing here you approved a post and later coming back to disable the card for the post you approved. I don't tell you not to advertise on facebook but mind how you deposit.
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