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Expert explains increased dependence on biometrics

Fingerprint scanners are considered the second most popular biometric devices
by consumers around the world according to research undertaken by the 2016 

An expert in the biometrics and fingerprints technology, has given explanations on the increased demand for biometrics and fingerprint requests from people on daily basis as witnessed in various homes, workplaces, bank transactions or while applying for certain government documents.

Greg Sarrail, Vice President, Solutions Business Development, Biometrics, HID Global, explained in an email to Nigeria CommunicationsWeek, that while not all biometric systems are created equal, however, the relevance of fact harnessed from them play fundamental roles in the criminal justice systems across the globe.

Recall, while the federal government has ordered its agencies that have gathered biometrics from the citizens to harmonise same with the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), some state government’s are warming up to commence same exercise, citing the need for relevant data for economic planning and fighting insecurity, as reasons for the projects that usually cost billions of naira to achieve.

Speaking on the differences between specific systems, their capabilities, the data they access and the data they share, he said, “Your fingers have never been more important – they can unlock doors, open phones and even secure your savings”.

This research was defined by how interested people were in using fingerprints to verify their identity when handling their devices, banking and other forms of security.

According to the Vice President, Solutions Business Development, Biometrics, HID Global, fingerprint biometrics saw a steady rise in popularity from 2014 to 2016 and remains one of the most trusted on the market today.

“It is a trend that isn’t going to change anytime soon and this is further underscored by the rise in fingerprint scanners, ATMs, devices and solutions.

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