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Durability tests on the Nokia 3 smartphone

The durability tests on this smartphone. First, he started off the Nokia 3 display scratching.
It survived for the quite some time. Finally, it is succumbing to some scratches at 6th level on the Moch scale. The fibre glass gives the good protection to the front camera and capacitive buttons; it protected from any scratches.

The first issue surface at the back, the camera lens is protected by the plastic cover. It easily scratches off and having the scratches on your camera lens. It is not something any customer would prefer. The whole back is prone to scratches the because of its plastic protection, along with side buttons.

When you put the fire test, the smartphone display does turn black rather quickly. This also recovers the soon after. The Nokia 3 surprisingly through and survives the scratches or bend test.

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Durability tests on the Nokia 3 smartphone Durability tests on the Nokia 3 smartphone Reviewed by ThankGod Okoye on August 26, 2017 Rating: 5